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Esta selección de productos coleccionables Maileg se tra unicamente bajo pedido, todos los productos están sujeros a confirmación de disponibilidad al momento de la orden.


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Durante la pandemia

Durante la situación de COVID en el mundo, y las restricciones en Europa, algunos envíos prodrían retrasarse. La fábrica esta trabajando para cumplir con todos pedidos a timepo.

House Of Miniature

Exclusive wooden dollhouse. Perfect for mice, bunnies and all your Maileg friends. Personalize with your favorite Maileg furniture. Comes flat packed and is easy to assemble. Assembled size 80x40x72 cm (hxdxw) - comes without furniture.

$ 390,00

House Of Mini - Bathroom

The Maileg Miniature Bathroom comes with a nicely decorated floor. In the box you will find 2 small curtains that will keep your Maileg friends private.

$ 89,00

House Of Mini - Bonus Room

The bonus room is for your free imagination. You can add it to the dollhouse anywhere you like. It is up to you what the use of the bonus room should be. Maybe a garage, an extra room for friends, fitness room - your choice.

$ 650,00

Cooking Set

Playfull stove box opens up to reveal everything you need to cook a perfect imaginary dinner. The set includes a pot, pan, strainer and utensils .

$ 35,00

Dining Table With 2 Seats

Invite your friend for Sunday supper at the dining table. The set contains a round table and 2 metal chairs .

$ 70,00

Miniature Cooler

The finishing touch to completing a Maileg home. This cooler is made from wood with an old fashioned appeal complete with a magnetic lock and metal hinges. A great addition to this cooler is our Vintage Food box. Fits perfectly in the dollhouse.

$ 40,00

Stroller Sky Blue

Take out your animals for a spin in our beautiful powder wooden pram with a white lid .

$ 38,00

Play Pen

Keep your bunny safe in the sweet playpen. The playpen is in metal and painted in a soft offwhite tone - the bottom is covered by a soft mattress to keep the baby safe .

$ 35,00

Vintage Bed

A perfect bed for a good night sleep. The bedlinen is made in our beautiful Maileg printed fabrics. All different but always carefully chosen to make the look complete.

$ 55,00

Miniature Bathtub

A cozy cot made of metal and comes with a mattress, blanket and pillow. You can tuck in your micro sized friends as well as brother and sister mouse. Sleep tight cute friends! .

$ 30,00

Wellness Set

The wellness set comes with a towel, a bathing hat and a bath mitten. The hat and glove fits the Maileg bunnies size 1 & 2 and Teddy family .

$ 20,00

Pram Micro

Take out your animals for a spin in our beautiful powder wooden pram with a white lid. This pram only fits MICRO sized Maileg friends.

$ 48,00